Meaningful Day Services: Day Habilitation and Employment Services

Linwood’s Day Habilitation Program at Linwood, located in Columbia MD, provides every person meaningful day experiences based on their personal needs, and desires. Linwood provides comprehensive services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and autism. 

The Linwood Family is dedicated to providing our adults choice and control over all aspects of their lives as they engage in community activities, and positive social interactions that promote all persons to be valuable members in our communities. 

Participants take advantage of community resources on a daily basis and work side-by-side with Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to develop these support areas. At Linwood, individuals are supported in discovering their passions and transforming them into meaningful employment opportunities. DSPs support employment engagement by assisting individuals in online job searches, resume development, interview preparation, and communication skills training. 

Individuals in our Employment Program have worked at numerous different facilities, ranging from Walmart to the local landfill/recycling center. Other current job opportunities include reception/clerical duties, food service, and janitorial positions. Individuals who have not been matched to an appropriate job or volunteer activity in the community are provided services through Linwood’s Adult Community Integration. All the people in our services receive support from our staff to ensure that their fundamental rights are respected and assisted with well-informed decision-making.  

Small group services and one-to-one behavioral supports are available to individuals who need that level of assistance. We offer structured environments and routines that include a range of therapeutic/volunteer and/or recreational activities. Our individuals participate in group outings, community events, and other recreational activities that encourage meaningful relationships with their peers and the larger community.

The Meaningful Day program consists of the Director of Employment and Community Integration, Program Managers, Lead Assistants, DSPs, Health Services Coordinators, and the Delegating RN. Program managers and DSPs are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Day Habilitation Program. The Program Director manages operations and implements the program in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

We encourage families and other advocates to actively take part in each individual’s life and join the team that develops and reviews their Person-Centered Plan. Linwood’s Meaningful Day services are licensed by the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Linwood is one of few programs in the United States that provides a full range of comprehensive services and program continuity for individuals living with autism throughout their lifespan. With our ongoing support, people living with autism develop the skills they need to lead extraordinary lives.