Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Linwood’s Mission

Our mission is to create the possibility of extraordinary lives for children and adults living with autism and related developmental disabilities by providing education, vocational training, and employment opportunities.

Linwood’s Vision

Our vision is to be a virtual presence throughout our communities and a leading provider of educational and employment services for children and adults living with autism.

Core Behaviors

We provide the opportunity to become a productive member of our community.
We recognize change and respond constructively to each individual’s needs.
We treat individuals with respect and compassion.
We create a positive and accepting environment.

Core Values

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Adaptability
  • Communication

Linwood’s Commitment

We are committed to providing programs and services that gently guide individuals with autism toward productive and fulfilling lives.

We will identify the gifts unique to each individual and lay a foundation of support that builds on their strengths and identifies their opportunities regardless of the challenges they may face.

We will gently guide each individual down his or her chosen path. We will provide a support system with the underlying notion that each individual will be treated with dignity and respect and that each will live, work and play in an environment filled with encouragement and rich with opportunity.