Adult Residential Services

Linwood’s community-based Residential Services operates 14 homes in Ellicott City, Columbia, and Catonsville.

Our homes support three to four individuals, and all have staff onsite at all times, including awake overnight services and one-to-one behavioral supports. Additionally, each home has a van for residents’ transportation needs. Linwood is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, inclusive environment for individuals with Autism so that they can thrive and reach their full potential. 

Staff members assist residents as they develop the daily routines necessary for them to work, use community resources, and make connections outside their homes. The Linwood Residential Team focuses on assisting our adults with independence and life skill development, offering structured environments and routines that include a range of therapeutic and recreational activities. Our individuals also participate in group outings, and community events that promote and encourage meaningful lives and relationships with their peers and their community. 

The Residential Team consists of the Residential Director, Program Managers, Speech Pathologist, Activities Coordinator, Delegating RN, and Health Services Coordinator. Staff working in the residences include House Managers, Residential Assistants, and Awake-Overnight Assistants.

We encourage family members to remain a part of the individual’s life. Family members can frequently visit the homes and become integral members of the team that develops and reviews the individual’s plan. This plan becomes the blueprint of services the individual receives from Linwood.

Large group of adults standing outside in front of a school bus.
Members of adult residential services sitting inside of a bus.