Linwood Center Boutique

Productive Employment In A Safe Setting

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Linwood Boutique suffered extensive damage in the flood that occurred in Ellicott City in late July 2016 and will be closed until further notice. 

Linwood Center Boutique, located at 8307 Main Street, lower level rear, in historic Ellicott City, is more than a wonderful shopping experience for our customers. It provides productive, integrated employment and training opportunities for individuals in our programs.

The boutique features new and gently used clothing for children and adults, jewelry, furniture and other “high end” items, all in excellent condition.

Competitive employment is the goal for many of our program participants. A stepping stone toward that goal is training and employment at the Boutique. This is where our program participants can engage in productive work in a structured and supportive environment. As many will grow and develop employment skills, they may enter the competitive workforce.

Our store provides a safe setting with predictable schedules and built-in supports for individuals who need them, and our on-site support staff is trained to meet any special circumstances that may arise.

We know the key to successfully employing people with disabilities is identifying and building on their strengths and then providing them the support they need to learn the necessary skills to get the job done. From processing new merchandise to helping customers, the Linwood Center Boutique provides many opportunities for people living with autism to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with productive employment.

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