Linwoods 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Linwood celebrated its golden anniversary on October 16, 2005 with a gala at the Great Room in Savage Mill, Maryland. Two hundred people were in attendance to share an evening of tribute and nostalgia. Our guests included friends and colleagues from The Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina and the continental United States. Among our guests were professionals, former and current students, parents, staff, board members and sponsors.

House of Delegates Citation

Governor Citation

Delegate Gail Bates presented Linwood with the Governor’s Citation and an Official Citation from the Maryland House of Delegates, signed by Delegate Elizabeth Bobo.

Senator Allen Kittleman presented a Resolution from the Senate of Maryland.

County Executive James Robey presented an Executive Proclamation, declaring October 16, 2005 as Linwood Center, Inc. Day in Howard County, Maryland.

We also thank County Council Chairman Guy Guzzone, Councilman Chris Merdon and Councilman Ken Ulman for their presence as we received these honors.

Senate Citation

Robey Letter

Among the featured speakers was Dr. Ruth Sullivan, Executive Director of the Autism Services Center in Huntington West Virginia. Dr. Sullivan, a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field has published extensively and has spearheaded national legislation to improve the lives of individuals with autism. Dr. Sullivan, a parent of a young man with autism and a professional in the field for over 40 years, has the distinction of being the first elected president of what is now the Autism Society. Dr. Sullivan is the only honorary board member of this organization.

Dr. James Harris, another of our featured speakers, is a professor and the Director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Harris, who has published extensively, has been associated with Jeanne Simons and with Linwood for many years.

Pat Bucher, the mother of Jimmy Bucher, was another featured speaker. Jimmy was referred to Linwood in 1987 when he was 11 years old. Pat recounted Jimmy’s story; she spoke of her family’s desperation in trying to find a program that could meet Jimmy’s needs and how, finally, Linwood stepped up when no one else could. She spoke of how proud she is of Jimmy today, still in Linwood’s program, active in his community, working and contributing to his own care. He is indeed a success. Click here to see the video of Pat’s tribute.

Jonathan Rabben, a Linwood graduate who also spoke at Jeanne Simons’ Celebration of Life, described himself as one of Miss Simons’ “original naughty children.” Having received services at Linwood in the 1950s, Jon is the embodiment of the results of the Linwood Method. Jon is recently retired from the United States Department of Defense and lives with his wife, Imeda in Nevada. The two of them spend time skiing and enjoying life with their grandchildren. Jon’s words during his presentation sum up his experience at Linwood: “There was something about Miss Simons that enabled me to come out of my shell, reach out and trust people, and have what has been one hell of a great life.” Click here to see the video of Jon’s tribute to Linwood at Jeanne Simons’ Celebration of Life.